Friday, 24 June 2011

Reconstruction Phase

I have started the process of mental reconstruction following our recent burglary. It has taken a while, as predicted, and we still have issues re insurance claims. Anyhow, I have started rewriting notes and preparing for my next training session, which has taken my mind off it all and, just to prove I can, and to test whether they have also stolen my sense of humour, I have written a short blog and composed a few poems to fill the void. I wish we still had some music – other than the Powerful Praise choir, nice though that is.
Caroline has fallen ill – come down with the dreaded lurgy. Looks like a bout of gastro-enteritis - contracted during her recent trip to Enugu or possibly the result of something she has eaten - or i have cooked! Malaria has been ruled out, thank God! I wish i could remember the poem I wrote many years ago called ‘All Mosquitos are Bastards’  or something like that – though i don’t think it would cheer her up much!

Right! That’s it! Enough! Time to move on and deal with the important things in life.

So, does anyone know who Liverpool’s opening game of the new season will be against?!
Thanks Julie for copying some of your music onto CD for us - a lovely, thoughtful and generous gesture. You may just have saved our sanity!

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  1. As they say in Yoruba, "Kutope!" It was nothing. And as soon as I can abscond some more blank CDs from Dory, I'll mix you up a few more! I'm glad you're doing better.

    Keep on Truckin'!

    (That was my American inspirational quote of the day for you!)