Thursday, 23 June 2011


From the balcony this evening , I have been watching a storm cloud approaching. It started off looking like Rolf Harris in profile, mutated into John Denver, including glasses, morphed into Animal from Sesame Street, merged into Bob Geldof after a particularly bad night and finally the Crab Nebula.
For many years  I have photographed rock outcrops which to me look like the profiles of faces. They are everywhere once you start looking - and providing there are rocks! The coastal cliffs of County Durham and North Yorkshire are particularly rich in them - 'ancient heads', I call them. They often resemble mythical characters, warriors, spirits or  guardians of the land, looking out to sea, up to the heavens or towards the lowlands watching out for the threat of invasion.
I have not evolved this into a cloud-watching experience, but as I look now I see a cloud the shape of the Ardnamurchan peninsula and another resembling the coastline of Western Australia, blue-grey against a peach coloured sky -  I can easily work out where Perth and Freemantle would be. I would have taken a photo of them but my camera has been nicked.
Perhaps I've been out in the sun too long - or I may have been reading too much Ben Okri - I have definitely not been on the ale - I wish!!

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