Monday, 6 June 2011


When I got in tonight, I was just stroking my hair into place (it doesn’t take long!) when I became aware of the heat rising out of my head. I had had the usual trek back in the sun but always wear my cap (Result Headwear RC69 Safari cap in taupe, from Amazon, £ 9.99).  Anyway, the heat  was immense – hot enough to roast a monkey’s bum in fact. I could still feel the heat halo with my hand 3 or 4 cm above my head. I must be a human solar-powered reactor – pity I don’t have an internal battery facility for storage and use when NEPA goes off! I could attach electrodes to my scalp and fire up the fridge, make a brew, or supply cheap lighting to the good people of Sabo-Oke for the cost of  a meat pie – and chips, of course!

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