Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Its an Urban Jungle out there!

Today I was waiting for a lift ro school when a man dressed entirely in a leopardskin print suit walked past. And why shouldn't he - this is Africa!
We exchanged greetings and he continued on his way, attracting no more attention than a scouser in a shell suit walking down Lime Street.
I looked away briefly to check on the time and when I looked up again he had vanished -until I caught a glimpse of his white cap. He was about 200 metres down the road, his suit almost perfectly camouflaging him against the terracotta road surface and the ambient dust. Only his white cap enabled me to spot him as he loped across the road before an onrushing pair of taxis, disappearing into the undergrowth near to the compound of the Ministry of Wildlife Protection - only joking - it was the Surveyor General's office - the one that has no map of Ilorin!
Well I thought it was funny, anyway! 

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