Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Aaaargh! (Think that's how you spell it!)

I've just acquired a worm virus - or rather my memory stick has. A momentary lapse of reason on my part - when I wanted to print off a document for a colleague and used a 'rogue' PC to do so. Some of my key folders are now infected - the ones I value the most, naturally! All my Bob Dylan stuff to start with, all my poems - 40 year's worth, and all my Nigeria workshops. It is so maddening! I wish I could get hold of the guy who is doing this and inject him with some toxic substance - or send Luigi and the boys round for a nice 'chat'. But, I am hoping all is not lost - I think I have back-up  on my PC at home - apart from the Nigeria stuff. I've been written a collection of poems since I have been here and only have a few scribbled notes left. I could kick myself, hard - but don't want to suffer the consequence of having to visit the Anchor Medical Centre!
 I can delete the infected folders from my stick, seemingly, but then when I next come to use it, they're back again - cunning little buggers! I presume my stick is now totally risky and is best abandoned. Its times like this when I wish I knew a bit more about these things.
So there is a lesson in this for all -  and no amount of ant powder poured into the USB port will remove them - I almost thought of trying it! - only joking. On the other hand ....!

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