Saturday, 25 December 2010

To shop or not to shop?

We have decided/had the decision made for us, not to buy each other prezzies this year. Instead we have bought some food items which we would not normally buy on account of their extortionate price:
a big chunk of Cheddar cheese set us back £8. Its expiry date was ten months ago, but what the hell! Also a large bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk (Fruit and Nut variety) which we hope has not melted and re-set too frequently since its importation.
I did see and was sorely tempted by a copy on sale of the Argos Winter catalogue for 2008/9. I realise that this would be a rare acquisition to the book collection of the most discerning bibliophile but at about £8 I decided that this was one Christmas luxury I would regrettably have to forgo. I was almosr persuaded by its shrink wrapping and unthumbed corners, its uncreased spine. Nevertheless despite its mint condtion I passed it by - realising  that in effect Argos probably don't accept phone or internet service from Nigeria and certainly won't have a home delivery service. Of such things Nigerians can only dream!

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