Thursday, 2 December 2010

Holy Smoke!

Walking past the old cemetery today, it was hard not to notice that someone had set fire to the rubbish that forms a mini mountain over the gravestones - keeps the overall height of the heap down I suppose but envelopes the area in unpleasant grey smoke with aroma of burning plastic. ' Holy smoke', I thought. On top of the mountain was a goat - possibly a mountain goat -picking his way through the ashes and presumably avoiding walking over hot coals. I wonder if smoked goat will be on the menu over Christmas!
Later on I saw a dog - poor wretched little thing, walking down the street with the head of a goat in his mouth - perhaps he got there first!! Actually, I don't think it was the same goat - its head had been severed with a clean cut, it seemed to me, and I haven't yet seen any axe-wielding dogs in the neighbourhood!

Not much happening at school this week - it is exam time. In all subjects children answer about 30 multiple choice questions followed by two extended answer questions. On the basis of their answers they progress into the next class up or stay where they are and repeat the year. The pupils are eager to do well and those I have spoken to have literally memorised their whole exercise books.
After the exams are over it seems that the term fizzles out, though I understand that activities are put on to encourage the pupils to keep attending - not unlike home, really.

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  1. Your a teacher? What do you think a good teacher is? How do you feel about the education system?