Saturday, 25 December 2010

Santa lives!

I don't think they believe in Father Christmas in Nigeria.When we tell people how this jolly, fat, white-bearded old man would, on Christmas Eve night, race across the sky in a sleigh pulled by a team of reindeer the leader of which has a shiny red nose that guides their way through the wind and snow (pause while I explain what a reindeer looks like - there are no reindeer in Nigeria, with or without red noses) and how once the sleigh lands on your roof, he clambers down your chimney (more explanation) bearing gifts, enters your bedroom and leaves your FREE stash of goodies at the foot of your bed - or else leaves them in a neat pile beneath the tree that is growing in your living room (!), and how he scoffs a mince pie and sherry before zooming off to deliver presents to every child in the world before dawn ( embarrassing pause while you try to answer the predictable question as to why he never came to them), - well, would YOU believe it?  They find it highly amusing.
Anyway, FC did spare some time from his busy schedule to drop off a pair of undies. The guards must clearly have been sleeping or they would surely have noticed and commented on the illegally parked reindeer and sleigh - then, maybe not!

So today our thoughts are very much with our girls and our grandchildren. We have promised ourselves that this is the one and only time we will not be with them. No amount of roast chicken, cheddar cheese or Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate and Heineken export could make up for not sharing Christmas day with them - even though it is getting quite difficult to fit the 13 of us round the dinner table!

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