Monday, 25 July 2011

Sunday, Actually!

We now have a day guard to complement the night guard. At first I queried whether we actually needed a day guard but was told that one would start on Sunday - the guard's name also being Sunday, I said what a good day for him to be starting a new job, which caused great mirth for about five minutes - surely he must have heard that one before! Anway, apparently a lot of burgalries occur when people are out at church - ie the whole of Sabo-Oke except me -does that make me a suspect, i wonder! So much for fearing the wrath of the Lord! Still, with a guard called Sunday, the omens are good!
To avoid further hearing loss from the powerful praise crowd - sorry, choir - we went to the Kwara hotel to meet up with some friends, returning a couple of beers later - just in case we had been re-burgled by someone on their way home from church - which is a practical impossibility as church services last several hours and anyone caught sneaking out would probably be damned to eternity.
We hadn't been broken into, but the smell of burning rubber pervaded the flat which even the ceiling fans seemed unable to shift. I instinctively checked the cooker, the electricity stabiliser thingy; checked that the fans were not overheating  (unlikely given the frequency of power cuts recently), checked that no one was trying to get in via our steel back door with an oxy-cetalyne torch, checked that Tobi bakery next door was not going up in flames, checked that the guards were not smoking something dubious and finally concluded that it was nothing to do with us - could have been the final phases of a rubber tyre burning ceremony that occurs every now and then up the road at the car doctor's compound. Why they burn tyres is a mystery - they could be using them to build an eco-friendly 'earth-house' or even a soundproof church! 

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