Monday, 18 July 2011

Home Alone

Caroline is in Abuja on business - and shopping! I have returned to our shack in Sabo-Oke after a couple of weeks in the guest house in the GRA to help overcome recent problems. No further evidence of criminal activity, though there seems to have been an explosion in the cockroach population during our absence - or else they have all come round to our house to die! I haven't had to use the spray - maybe its my 'Men Only' deodorant : not so much the 'Lynx effect' as the 'stinks effect'!
There has also been a lot of activity from the termite population living in the brickwork. Two of our bedroom walls (we have four) have erupted  into a spattering of burst pustules, grey against the blue emulsion - they don't seem to like the blue emulsion, which I can understand, being blue, but there's no need to spit it out into little heaps on our carpet!  You never catch any of the little beggars doing it though - perhaps the cockroaches have eaten them - so God did have a purpose for creating a cockroach!
It must be wonderfully  weird to actually live within your own favourite food store. For me it would be like living inside a strawberry, or within a giant Crunchie, or inside a block of chicken foo yung, or slab of Cheshire cheese - or Cheddar, I'm not fussy; or in a logpile of chips beside a lake of ketchup, or inside a stack of sour cream and chive Pringles (it has to be sour cream and chive), or even in a Big Mac (yes, I admit it - I quite like them) with relish - one of my five-a-day.

I need to get home quick!

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