Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Hello dear reader/writer/thinker/insomniac,
Welcome to my blog - taken a bit of time to sort out - Technophobes Anonymous no help at all!
Our Nigerian adventure is now only 10 days away, though we seem to have been preparing for it for ever. We had confirmation today of our flight e-ticket to Abuja so now it all feels very real - and slightly scary!
Most of our prized possessions are now in an assortment of boxes, courtesy of Broughton Hall school, awaiting storage for the next two years. It really feels as though we have packed up our lives and are about to start new ones. The real trauma is yet to kick in - saying goodbye to friends and especially to our girls and grand children. My strategy for coping with this is to view our African experience as an extended 'holiday' rather than a two year absence - in any case we will be back in Blighty next summer for Katie's wedding, so it won't be that bad! We said goodbye to the cat a few days ago - no need there for any strategy on my part - apart from trying to conceal my joy!
The next consideration is going to be how much we can cram into our luggage - bearing in mind we are going to have to carry it ourselves between modes of transport when in Nigeria - assuming it all arrives! It is quite possible that one of those modes will be astride a motorcycle as pillion, which, with 40 kilos of  baggage, should be interesting.
We have been kitted out with full facial crash helmets and visors that conform to British safety standards, in readiness for our daily white-knuckle experiences, though given the road conditions VSO have failed to supply sufficient body armour for my liking.
So the next few days are going to require some hard decision-making - whether we really need to pack our own body weight in insect repellant, sun cream, travel wash, cup-a-soups, rehydration sachets, anti-malarials, after-bite and dark chocolate, or whether we can trust the local economy in Kwara State to supply us with these long term essentials.
I have already wrestled with some weighty issues - like what sort of headgear to buy, bearing in mind it can be extremely wet as well as very hot and dusty, and whether I can get away with not having to mow the lawn again before we leave.
I hope that by the time I come to add a new posting to my blog, I will have mastered the skill of adding a photo - properly. Its probably dead easy but then my ECDL qualification (Yes, I really have one!), did not cover blog-related issues - or if it did I had lost interest by then!
C U next time (Hate it when people use txt instead of proper English. Don't U? )


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