Tuesday, 13 December 2011

On Coming Home

We have been back home in the UK for a few days now. Even as we were on the plane I was silently mulling over the past two years' journey with VSO (the TVscreen in front of me didn't work so I couldn't watch Return to the Planet of the Apes or Winnie the Pooh!).  And quite a journey it has been. It is hard to imagine going back to my old life - at least for the moment. Being jobless and homeless kind of focuses things for a while and will occupy our daily activities for the next few weeks and days - that and acquiring some warm clothing!
On the first night I lay in bed, engine noise still filling my head, and it was so quiet - it was as if everybody had got up and left - no traffic noise, no goats, no calls to prayer, no Radio Kwara. The following morning we had a lie in until 7am - the first time for many months that we had not been up before dawn.
I have a curious feeling that I have outgrown my former working life and have no desire to go back to it. What will replace it remains to be seen but I would not rule out other placements overseas provided they are short term.

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