Friday, 11 November 2011


(For all of us who were privileged to enjoy  Lucy and Lawrence’s hospitality in Jigawa this Sallah).


I rise and greet the half-light at Imam’s strident call

And wonder if my shirt and socks can last another day;

I unwind frustrations of an arid road as I sip and

Savour tea and oranges from afar

And  slowly  slowly slide

Into your deep cool shade.

I sit beside a well beyond the breakfast hour

Watching the gecko and the butterfly,

Trying to glimpse the small small bird with purple  voice

Through the mango-filtered light.

The dappled sun-splashed floor soaks up tales

And stories that come all the way from Ireland

As skills are shared  and lives we seek to change, and

With fine food and beer come all the way from Holland

We forget the hour but

I welcome that the day yet has time for me

To lie in hammock sway

Toasting tranquillity and companionship,

Gifts to us from Africa,

Till the night-birds song

With time of day forgot

And, for the moment , no reason to care

And every reason to belong.

Thanks to all for a fab experience



  1. What a wonderful way of describing the amazing trojan experience in the secret garden in Dutse.

    Mind you, I still think, the salad was the best meal!

    Thanks to Lucy and Lawrence.

  2. I love this poem! Hope you don't mind I stole the title for my blog post but I did reference you and link to your blog although I think it was before you had posted this. Fab poem, fab few days.