Monday, 26 September 2011

An African Boy

I know you see me from your place
The fat flies crawling into my eyes
Claiming my last bead of moisture
Searching the pale track my tears once traced
 I’m sure you prefer that wavy cheeky TV grin.
That was me – an African boy.

At the junction you will find me
Scuttling on my wheels or limping through smoking traffic
In your cool car you can select your views
Unwind  your  window as I come near or choose
To  look away
Me –  just an African boy.

As dawn attacks the night you’ll find me in the motor park
Barrow ready to bear your load
Running barefoot  over rough and miry ground;
I’ll accept whatever you choose to give
To  just  another African boy.

I lead my proud cattle to pastures new
Looking for green  where  just stubble remains
As they follow I feel the red earth in my veins
Sleep beneath stars and follow the rains
The deep soul of an African boy.

In dead of night I have many fears
Borne the scars of my birth for so many years
Living  close to the raw edge of pain
Seen my future stolen again and again
Like many an African boy.

I hear the drum beating or is it my heart?
My soul sings out to the light
Infectious rhythms felt often before
I want to dance on as I rise from the floor
New musical landscapes I want to explore
Cause I am an African boy.

In my sleep I would wait on your table
Serving rich Californian wine
Learn from you all I am able
Feeding on scrapings of thought word and deed
Alive to the dance of ancestral need
The dreams of an African boy.

But I’d willingly climb over mountains
Follow great  rivers down to the sea
Sail across oceans with no stars to guide
Cross burning deserts with nowhere to hide
Answer my own prayers with God by my side
Cause I am an African boy.

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