Monday, 25 April 2011

Back in the UK

We have returned to the UK for Easter and as our time back in the motherland is drawing to a close, we have mixed feelings. Having spent a wonderful few days in the Lake District, enjoying spectacular views and  walking the fells in this gorgeous spring weather, and having also enjoyed the company of family and friends being looked after by many people now that we are homeless and jobless here, we realise fully what we have been missing and are so grateful to everybody concerned for their kindness and generosity. We have also been able to appreciate rather than take for granted, the order, cleanliness and systems that exist here to get things done in a proper and timely way, especially as we read news of the Nigerian elections and their aftermath. We will miss the calm and the quiet back in Nigeria. On the other hand it will be good to feel warm again, to meet the friends we have made out there and to get on with the jobs we were doing through VSO. It has been good to recharge batteries for a few weeks and to ensure that our family is doing OK.  Not looking forward to the presence of furry creatures in our home, though - deceased or otherwise!

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