Saturday, 1 October 2016


This is apparently a widget of which I have been awarded one,  and which I am told I can upload into my blog, when  I next  find a hot spot or if I  had a dongle, but I have not, so I will save it to my memory stick, which I can just about manage. I have tried to cut my widget and paste it but I am messaged that it is a corrupt file – well, this is Nigeria! Perhaps if I pay somebody extortionately they will tell me what to do with my widget and how I can paste it into a gadget on my blog and post it into the blogosphere – without, in the process,  corrupting  other bloggeratti out there.

 I find it amusing I have been nominated in the ‘Luxury’ category – did anyone on the awarding committee actually read what I have written, I wonder; at what point has ‘luxury’ entered the scene? If VSO get wind that my placement has a ‘luxury’ tag attached, it may get the organisation a bad name and/or they may reduce my living allowance and relegate my blog to the ‘Penury’ category!

For the record, ‘ Traveler Voice’ has some fantastic blogs, whether for armchair- or dodgy-bus travellers. Perhaps one of them can let me know how to edit my blog and paste my widget!